Tips from the Top of Stunt Riding

Motor-cycle stunt riding is a motor cycle sport which involves performing of acrobatic stunts on a motorcycle. Common stunts in this sport include wheelie, burnouts, stopies and rolling stopies. Another common public stunt performed by stunt riders is the Globe of Death, where the riders enter a moving steel sphere and required to ride the sphere managing the speed and the force of their ride. The late 1980s was the time when motorcycle stunt riding saw the rise of a new era, as technology was developing and more powerful motorcycles have been manufactured to be lighter, which makes performing stunts easier.

Not any normal bike can be used for stunt riding, as it is a dangerous sport and needs to have the correct specifications to reduce the risk of damage. Some of the equipment used by stunt riders to adapt their bikes to the thrill sport are-

  • Crash cages which provide protection to the bike’s engine and brakes.
  • Frame sliders protect the motorcycle from damage from when the rider lays down the motorcycle sideways for a steep turn or a stunt.
  • Hand-brake- A recently added tool to the bikes used for stunt riding, I is for times when a rider cannot access the rear brake in a few stunts, and he/she can use the hand-brake to stop the bike.
  • 12 o’clock bar- These bars are attached to the sub frame of the motorcycle which are come for protection when the rider is 12ing or doing stopies on the bike.

Tips for beginners in stunt-riding from the top riders in the world

  1. Confidence– Be confident when on the bike and performing a stunt, because lack of confidence might result in fear of the stunt, which in turn will result in shaky movements and postures and the sport of stunt riding requires perfect postures and movements for success and to avoid the risk of damage.
  2. Gear– Make sure you are in the proper gear when participating in the sport, as safety is the number priority. Ensure that you are wearing the prescribed helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, costume and other safety tools.
  3. Stay in shape– Make sure you are physically and mentally in shape to participate in the sport. Stamina and agility are important factors to be successful in the sport.
  4. Practice– make sure there you have been through a lot of practice sessions, as no amount of practice can be enough for a dangerous sport such as motor-cycle stunt riding.
  5. Vehicle– Make sure your bike is in shape and has been checked by technicians before you go on into the competition. A little mal-function in the bike can risk the rider’s life to a great extent.