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5thGear is an authorized Husqvarna motorcycle dealership offering any of their off-road, motocross, dual purpose or supermoto bikes. We usually have one of each model in stock for trying out in person. Click on this section for more specifications on these quality built, high performance, Italian-made bikes.

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Top Five Bikes of all Time

In the year 1885, the world was introduced to a revolutionary technology, a technology that involved motorizing the bicycle. I t was in this year that the first motorbike was ever made in the world and ever since then, this motor vehicle has seen continuous and tremendous development. To choose top 5 bikes ever made is a tough job, but here is a list of the top 5 bikes, from the little justice I could do to the topic.

  1. Honda NR– Introduced in the year 1979, Honda’s NR was a V-four motorcycle series, which was believed that it can put the Ferraris to shame. It is a 500cc bike with oval pistons. Through the years, Honda produced more street versions of this bike due to immense popularity it earned among bike enthusiasts called the NR750. It is designed with a full carbon-fiber body and I’s exhausts are tucked under its tail, setting a new trend of design in the motor cycle industry.
  2. BMW R32– This was the first motorcycle produced by BMW, after they were stopped from building aircrafts. The production of this bike started in the year 1932. It is a boxer-twin shaft-driven motorcycle which earned BMW the reputation it has now. The bike’s engine is BMW M2B33 494 side-valve, air-cooled flat twin with the highest speed recorded as 95km/hr. The engine power of the bike is 8.5 hp @3200 rpm. It’s bore/stroke is 68..C 68mm
  3. Suzuki R500 Gamma– The Suzuki R500 Gamma was built in between the year 1985 and 1987 inspired from the Suzuki RG500 “Gamma” Grand Prix motorcycle. The motorcycle was built with an anti-dive system to stop the motorcycle from diving I’s nose whenever the brakes are put. The bike had two-strokes, rotary valve, twin crank, square engine with 498 cc and an output of 93 horsepower.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  4. Vincent Black shadow– Based in England, the Vincent Black shadow bikes were hand-made bikes with a very less production rate throughout the years. It was first introduced in 1948 and was developed upon the following years. This bike was known for its performance and special black-enameled bodywork, engine casings and barrels. Its top speed recorded was 212km/hr and had the power of 55bph/ 5,500 rpm.
  5. Ducati Desmosedici RR – A limited road-legal edition of the Desmosedici Moto GP race bike, it was produced in the year 2007. It’s recorded top speed was 303km/hr. The superbike had a 989cc engine with a power of 197.3 horsepower at 13,800 rpm. 1500 Desmosedici bikes were produced for public purchase,. This bike was believed to be the first rue replica of a Moto GP bike which was road-legal. It had a V4, Double-L-Twin, Twin Pulse firing order with four titanium valves per cylinder and gear-driven camshafts.

Tips from the Top of Stunt Riding

Motor-cycle stunt riding is a motor cycle sport which involves performing of acrobatic stunts on a motorcycle. Common stunts in this sport include wheelie, burnouts, stopies and rolling stopies. Another common public stunt performed by stunt riders is the Globe of Death, where the riders enter a moving steel sphere and required to ride the sphere managing the speed and the force of their ride. The late 1980s was the time when motorcycle stunt riding saw the rise of a new era, as technology was developing and more powerful motorcycles have been manufactured to be lighter, which makes performing stunts easier.

Not any normal bike can be used for stunt riding, as it is a dangerous sport and needs to have the correct specifications to reduce the risk of damage. Some of the equipment used by stunt riders to adapt their bikes to the thrill sport are-

  • Crash cages which provide protection to the bike’s engine and brakes.
  • Frame sliders protect the motorcycle from damage from when the rider lays down the motorcycle sideways for a steep turn or a stunt.
  • Hand-brake- A recently added tool to the bikes used for stunt riding, I is for times when a rider cannot access the rear brake in a few stunts, and he/she can use the hand-brake to stop the bike.
  • 12 o’clock bar- These bars are attached to the sub frame of the motorcycle which are come for protection when the rider is 12ing or doing stopies on the bike.

Tips for beginners in stunt-riding from the top riders in the world

  1. Confidence– Be confident when on the bike and performing a stunt, because lack of confidence might result in fear of the stunt, which in turn will result in shaky movements and postures and the sport of stunt riding requires perfect postures and movements for success and to avoid the risk of damage.
  2. Gear– Make sure you are in the proper gear when participating in the sport, as safety is the number priority. Ensure that you are wearing the prescribed helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, costume and other safety tools.
  3. Stay in shape– Make sure you are physically and mentally in shape to participate in the sport. Stamina and agility are important factors to be successful in the sport.
  4. Practice– make sure there you have been through a lot of practice sessions, as no amount of practice can be enough for a dangerous sport such as motor-cycle stunt riding.
  5. Vehicle– Make sure your bike is in shape and has been checked by technicians before you go on into the competition. A little mal-function in the bike can risk the rider’s life to a great extent.

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